Integral Neurotechnologies

Integral Neurotechnologies

Chief of Staff

South San Francisco
Jun 1, 2024
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Who we are

Integral builds technologies to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Our first device is a miniaturized, implanted, deep-brain interface for severely affected patients. It will have unprecedented capabilities for recording and modulating neural activity and for monitoring patients’ symptoms.

This device will dramatically advance our ability to treat brain disorders and to understand their biological causes. We will use this unique discovery platform to develop an expanding range of more effective treatments that will ultimately be accessible to everyone.

You'll be working with:

  • Eyal, Head of Engineering: Electrical engineering and R&D leader in medtech, biotech, and robotics for 15-years across industry and academia
  • Flip, CSO: UCSF Prof. Emeritus and Neuralink cofounder; neuroscientist and neural engineer
  • Ian, Head of Hardware: Mechanical engineer, implant architect, and technical leader for 20-years; has seen 4 large medical device programs from concept to clinic
  • Milan, CEO: Neurotech venture builder formerly at Convergent Research; previously AI researcher and software engineer

We prioritize ambitious engineering, speed, and patients' needs.

What you'll do

You'll work closely with leadership to support

  • Business operations (PEO, accounting, procurement, etc.)
  • Product operations, including managing relations with patients, clinicians, surgeons, and scientists
  • Recruiting and HR processes
  • Office management
  • Fundraising, branding, and internal and external comms

We work full-time, in-person in South San Francisco.

As one of our first team members, you’ll have uncapped opportunity for advancement within the company.

Who we’re looking for

You have:

  • Been a Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Operator, or similar at a high-growth tech startup
  • The need for speed
  • (Bonus) Experience working at a company in a heavily regulated industry

Neurotechnology experience is not necessary.

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