Chief of Staff

San Francisco, CA
Jun 9, 2022
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Empower the founders of an AI-powered research assistant that makes knowledge workers smarter

Heyday is an AI-powered research assistant that makes you smarter by automatically resurfacing content you forgot about. We've raised money from top investors, and our browser extension (here’s our loom demo) won Product Hunt’s #1 Product of the Month for April 2022 and was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “[Best New Productivity Apps](https://www.fastcompany.com/90717773/best-new-productivity-apps#:~:text=You know in,on Fast Company.)” in February 2022.

Our founding team’s priorities are to continue improving our product experience to move us closer to product market fit, run experiments to identify scalable channels to grow our customer base, hunt for new office space, and hire a team of incredible individuals.

We’re excited to work alongside a teammate who aspires to be a startup founder someday and can help our founding team execute on their key priorities and identify new ones.

We’d love to meet you whether you’re a seasoned Chief of Staff, or you’ve just decided you want to work at an early-stage startup.

You will:

  • Work side by side with the founders every day
  • Help to establish and execute the strategy for Growth, Operations, and Recruiting
  • Create and maintain a lightweight process to keep the team aligned and focused on high impact work
  • Identify and solve problems most important to the growth of the company outside of Product/Engineering/Design
  • Manage internal tools, HR systems, and vendors

You’ll do great in this role if you:

  • Thrive in uncertainty and enjoy creating direction where it’s never existed before
  • Plan to start your own company someday
  • Prefer to work on many different projects from week to week or even day to day
  • Pay exceptional attention to detail
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities
  • Have a track record of owning initiatives and seeing them successfully to completion
  • Communicate clearly and proactively

It’s not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas. For instance, you might still be a great fit if you are focused on marketing and growth, but don’t come in with as much recruiting experience.

Why we’re building Heyday

We believe most people are underserved by today’s knowledge management tools. They require behavior change and constant input. That’s okay for productivity junkies but the rest of us are stuck with 100 open tabs.

Knowledge management tools should be easy/fast to set up, layer on top of existing workflows, and require little manual input. You know how easy Honey makes it to save money or Grammarly makes it to write well? That's how easy it should be to get organized.

How we work together at Heyday

We value transparency, communicating ideas with first drafts, having fun, drawing from diverse perspectives to guide decisions, and trusting each other to solve big problems.

Heyday is an equal opportunity employer. We are open to all types of backgrounds and we value a diverse team.

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