Chief of Staff

San Francisco Bay Area
Jan 19, 2023
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Here’s the problem: you can’t learn to ride a bike by watching someone else ride a bike. Yet this is how all online learning at companies has been built to date - watching someone else do. It's boring and it doesn’t work. At Modal, we're on a mission to reimagine how people learn data skills and software development at work. Our cohort-based learning experience is hands-on, built around coaching, and employees love it--it feels like the best products they use in their personal lives. Modal transforms their abilities and, in turn, transforms the companies they work for.

As founders, we know this market because we spent the last 10 years building Udemy (NASDAQ:UDMY), one of the leaders in ed tech, and now we’re back building the next generation of learning. Our product brings together a tech platform with content, and enhances them with coaching and live events. We are looking for a Chief of Staff to help us manage the complexity of this business as we scale.

Role Scope:

Your responsibility as Chief of Staff will be to creatively solve any problem that gets thrown your way w/ relentless execution. In exchange, you’ll get a front row seat taking a company through its first chapters. And, more importantly, gain the skills, network and experience to accelerate your career.

You’ll work directly with the CEO and we’ll carve out a role that fits your strengths and passions. You’ll get to wear lots of hats: company strategy, fundraising, business operations, marketing, sales, hiring, product, etc ‐ whatever is the top priority. We’ll divide and conquer. After 18 months, we’ll talk through what you want to do next in your career.

It can be moving to a new role within Modal, or even starting your own company. Whether your path lies in developing connections to the investor community or developing your leadership skills, we are first and foremost mentors and coaches at Modal.


  • Special Projects: An extra set of hands to help with strategic priorities on anything from Product to Growth

  • Company Strategy: A strategic advisor and confidant (a highly trusted person with whom to discuss and pressure‐test ideas)

  • Business Operations: An organizer to help manage a picture of the priorities, projects, decisions, and actions that should be in the brain space of the CEO

About you:

  • Super Organizer – You’re an incredibly organized person who loves to apply order. You can also be scrappy and figure out how to do something the first time, but can quickly figure out how to do it thousands of times.

  • Strategic Thinker – The CoS needs to be able to see the big picture of things. A strategic mindset helps align detailed work to the big picture strategy, as well as evaluate what is urgent versus important.

  • GSD Reputation – You’ve always been told that you ‘get stuff done.’ You may not really be sure what people mean by this, because for you this just means ‘working.’ You have a reputation for never dropping the ball

  • Trusted Operator – The CoS is often exposed to sensitive or confidential information in the normal course of executing the role. Consequently, the person in that role has to innately appreciate how to manage such information in confidence and with discretion

  • You Believe – You believe that technology can help unlock human potential. You may never have worked in ed tech or thought of yourself as ‘mission-driven,’ but you want to be part of a company that provides meaningful help to its customers

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