Stealth Startup

Stealth Startup

Chief Of Staff

New York, United States
Jun 14, 2022
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The Role:

We are looking to hire a Chief of Staff to join our small but growing team. You will be the principal advisor to the CEO and act as a force multiplier for the senior leadership team, with responsibilities spanning many domains, including project management, communications, strategic planning, special projects, and hiring and management.

On a typical day, you might…


  • Refine product and mission messaging, e.g. for the company website, in preparation for a conference, or for a press release
  • Attend conferences
  • Prepare the CEO or Head of Sales for a sales pitch

Project management

  • Ensure high priority projects are acted on in a timely manner across the team
  • Help organize customer onboarding tasks and prepare timelines


  • Research talent predictors & implement a better hiring process
  • Think about where we should hire and where we should grow existing talent


  • Work to refine and articulate strategy, KPIs, and market positioning for a board meeting
  • Model “default alive” and “high growth” financial projections

We will NOT ask you to perform day-to-day scheduling, booking, or other EA-type tasks

Your Qualities:

We hire for the slope, not the y-intercept, but you will need to have some experience:

  • Excellent verbal, written, and visual (e.g. creating presentations) communication skills
  • Highly conscientious and organized
  • Ownership mindset
  • Problem solving skills: deals well with ambiguity and able to make good judgment calls with incomplete information
  • 1+ years in entrepreneurial, consulting, or other relevant backgrounds
  • Healthcare experience is NOT required

About us:

We are a Seed stage health tech company that is using A.I. to improve hospital revenue cycle (thus making healthcare costs lower). The team is small but extremely high functioning and scaled the company to 1M+ in contracted revenue without raising capital. We have since been backed by top investors including Floodgate & Flare Capital and there is enough market demand for us to 10X in the next 18 months (plus enough runway for 2 years).

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