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Chief Of Staff

New York, NY
Jul 8, 2022
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Umami Labs is seeking a razor-sharp, savvy & highly-motivated administrator to work directly under our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer and help relentlessly advance Umami’s vision.

We’re open to people of all professional backgrounds, provided they have a natural aptitude for juggling many competing priorities, an intuitive grasp of what matters (and what doesn’t) in a fast-moving startup environment, and a love of all things Web 3.

That said, familiarity with enterprise services platforms (Google Workspaces, Notion, Slack etc.) and past experience in an administrative role in a high-growth startup is a big plus. A knowledge of and interest in Web 3 workspace platforms, like Utopia, DeWork and Urbit, is even better.

As Umami Labs continues to grow, the Chief of Staff has the potential to ascend to the level of Director of Operations or even Chief Operating Officer, with commensurate increases in responsibility and compensation.

The Chief of Staff will primarily work under the CEO, and, to a lesser extent, the CTO (for non-technical admin support). They will help manage the relentless stream of day-to-day priorities, proposed ideas, communications and project-updates so that the C-suite and other core team members can focus their full energies on driving Umami’s vision forward.

In the initial days that will mean: tracking and directing all major external & internal communications; proactively ensuring key tasks are never neglected (chase us if you have to); managing a team Gmail calendar; improving Umami’s use of the Notion project-management platform; optimizing the rhythm and structure of team meetings and other internal comms; and continuing to professionalize Umami’s payroll & expenses management. They will also help with sourcing, onboarding and, if needed, offboarding talent.

For an excellent review of the full scope and depth of Chief of Staff role, check out this HBS article:

Longer term, the Chief of Staff will play an increasingly strategic role, leading the creation of the internal systems, processes and policies required to scale a fast-growing Web 3 organization. A successful Chief of Staff will be first-in-line to become Umami Labs’ eventual Director of Operations or COO.

The ideal candidate already understands that “Web 3 is different.” We don’t want to be on-par with Web 2 organizational best practices; we want to be better. Umami Labs’ Chief of Staff will play a leading role in breathing life into the workplace of the Web 3 future. They are excited, and a bit humbled, by the scope of that responsibility.

The perfect candidate will also have a good natural chemistry with the CEO, who will be their primary day-to-day point of contact, as well as a strong alignment with Umami’s strategy, values and vision. They’ll have patience (past experience?) with working closely with an ADHD CEO and derive some pleasure from bringing order to a chaotic abundance of ideas.

They also will have a natural sense of discretion and tact, and will generally help bring a sense of positivity and cohesion to a growing team that is chronically up-to-the-eyes in new projects and challenges.

As you can see, we’re looking for someone quite special. If that’s you, please reach out. We can’t wait to meet you.

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