Pillar VC

Pillar VC

Chief of Staff

Boston, MA
May 31, 2024
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Pillar VC is a seed-stage venture capital firm based in Boston co-founded by 41 leading CEOs, including the founders of DraftKings, Iora Health, Ginkgo Bioworks and Constant Contact. We’re the first-capital-in for scientists and engineers building in deep tech and bio. We make big bets on big ideas at inception.

Over half of our investments emerge out of universities. We work with founders months to years in advance of commercialization, collaborating with PhD students, postdocs and faculty. Our team helps by validating customer demand for a founder’s research, recruiting key team members, developing business plans, navigating licensing agreements, and building syndicates with strong co-investors. We’ve made over 50 investments in academic spinouts, including Algorand, Asimov, PathAI, Neural Magic, and Verve Motion.

Our investments span enterprise/infrastructure, vertical SaaS, fintech, crypto, manufacturing, logistics, robotics, healthtech, SynBio, genomics, longevity and precision medicine, among other categories. We’re proud investors in companies including Jellyfish, Abridge, Higharc, Hometap, Kula Bio, and VideaHealth.

We started Pillar VC with the belief that there has to be a better way for founders and investors to align. We began with a simple hypothesis — that if we treat founders the way we would want to be treated, good things will happen. That if we align every incentive, every action and decision to realize mutual benefit, we will engender trust, and from that, achieve profound results. It’s that simple.


A qualified candidate may exude all or some of these qualities:

  • You’ve spent the last few years working in a company, and have ambitions of becoming a founder or investor. You want to surround yourself with a team and an environment where you can maximize learning.
  • You have a technical background, and are comfortable talking with technical leaders, going deep on topics that range from AI to robotics to climate tech to data and infrastructure.
  • You have magnetic energy that draws people to you. You are deeply curious, and easily build new relationships with founders, scientists and leaders.
  • You are a sponge for information, and are constantly exploring new industries, ideas, technologies and tools. You’re equally as energized by learning about new people and their strengths and experience.
  • You are deeply analytical, and can see the big picture, but just as easily drill into the details you thrive on understanding how it all fits together.
  • You’re a self-starter, and don’t require management or direction – you learn on the job. “Bored” isn’t a state that exists for you; you’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to create impact.


  • The best investors and founders in the world are voracious networkers. In this role, you will help develop Pillar’s community of founders, executives, mentors and board members, building relationships with leaders in the Boston community.
  • This is a two-year program, during which you will have a behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn how our team builds relationships, makes decisions, and supports founders.
  • Your primary responsibility will be developing our community.
  • You will identify new people we should meet, take initial meetings, and make follow-up introductions to other team members and portfolio companies.
  • We work alongside a community of founders in our office in Back Bay. You will be based in Boston and will work four to five days per week from the office.
  • Our team operates in a fast-paced environment that is always changing. This role will require hard work, agility, and long hours – we set the bar high for each other to bring our best to the team.
  • In this role, you will work as the Chief of Staff to Pillar’s Founding Partner, Jamie Goldstein, while rapidly growing your personal network. You will also work closely with other members of Pillar’s investing team, including Sarah Hodges, Parker McKee and Alex Reinhart.


  • Highly competitive salary
  • We cover 100% of health and dental insurance (plus some of your deductible)
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Free snacks, coffee, lunch, and espresso when you’re in the office
  • You get to come to the Portfolio Summit
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