Chief of Staff

Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area
Mar 9, 2023
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Our client is a non-profit organization seeking a Chief of Staff in their Austin Office. This is a new position designed to work in tandem with a Country Director in East Africa to be hired in 2024. With the new growth of this non-profit, these two positions have been created to replace the previous single Austin-based Executive Director. The Chief of Staff will also work closely with the leadership of our client.

This new team member will be very important to the operations and fundraising in the Austin Office and serve as a second-in-command to the Founder. The Austin Office Chief of

Staff and the Founder will work closely on expanding the US operations of the organization and increasing revenue to further scale our programmatic work.

The US Chief of Staff will be carefully selected based on culture fit, integrity, trust, work ethic, and managerial skills. He or she will play a leading role in oversight of most revenue initiatives, as well as organizational governance. He or she will have, upon being hired, four team members reporting to them, and they will oversee any additional Austin staff hired in the coming years.

This new role requires assertiveness in fundraising and fluency in major giving strategies and campaigns. He or she will oversee the fundraising team’s projects and be ultimately accountable for the success of each.

We are seeking an ambitious human who is energized by doing good. He or she will enjoy a close working relationship with the Founder and feels confident in their managerial

and people skills. He or she loves to travel to the far corners of the world and is ready to grow with the company. They will be a clear communicator and have the ability to make decisions thoughtfully and on time.

Overview of the Role:

● Oversight of the day-to-day operations of the organization in the Austin Office and security of its overall successful long-term operations

● Assistance in the assurance that the organization makes consistent and timely progress in achieving its mission and target programmatic impact

● Provide support in developing program, organizational, and financial plans and oversee the execution of each

● Oversee the adherence to the company’s values and policies authorized by the Governing Board and Founder

● In conjunction with the Founder, set a strategy for growth and expansion in the

Austin Office for revenue and personnel growth; oversee the execution of this


● Ensure financial and operational integrity through annual audit oversight

and Governing Board reports (3-4 times per year); work with the organization’s

Accounting Firms to actively engage in complex fiscal management through hands-on budgetary development and oversight

● Proactively continue education on fundraising, nonprofit governance, nonprofit tax law, and changes in nonprofit rules and regulations

● Lead the new Advisory Board, manage Advisory Board membership, and track

membership overall impact

● Drive development and fundraising in collaboration with the Director of Development, leveraging the Founder and Advisory Board as needed

● Provide thoughtful leadership that is inclusive, transparent, and empowering in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission

● Foster a collaborative working environment, encourage professional development, and champion accountability among staff

● Support of the U.S. Director of Projects to ensure all of the organization's

programmatic work is meeting our strict implementation standards for all of our partners communities; establish programmatic goals, objectives, and operational plans in collaboration with the USDOP, Founder, and other advisors

● Effectively represent the organization and promote a positive organizational image to ensure adequate community representation

● Organize, motivate, and mentor internal team leaders to strategically grow the organization’s impact, programs, and fundraising, and to effectively fulfill its important mission

● Apply innovative thinking and performance measurements to analyze and support strategic decision-making

● Continually foster a culture that encourages collaboration between departments and recognizes positive contributions

● Contribute to the strategic plan and drive its implementation

● Manage and motivate staff, overseeing processes such as hiring, separation, and ongoing staff development, performance management, and compensation and benefits

● Inspire a business-oriented, professional, results-driven environment across the organization

● Work to build leadership and fundraising skills through educational opportunities and professional enhancement programs

● Perform general management duties ensuring the successful operations of the organization

Skills and Qualifications

● Minimum seven years in fundraising, business development, and/or NGO work

● Strong emotional intelligence to navigate all challenges and organizational needs, as well as positively reinforcing company culture in alignment with organizational values

● Strong communication skills

● Strong organizational skills

● Fluency in software, e.g. Donor Software, Project Tracking Software, etc.

● Skilled with internal and external conflict resolution

● Creative problem-solving within teams and independently

● Proactive in embracing professional relationships publicly

● Solutions-focussed attitude


● Company-contributing Insurance Plan

● Starting PTO 30 days/year

● Remote working (2 days per week in the Austin office) ● Flexible work hours to accommodate personal needs

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