Small Door Veterinary

Small Door Veterinary

Chief of Staff | Founders

new york, US
Sep 23, 2022
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As our first chief of staff, you'll act as:

1. An air traffic controller: you are able to direct, redirect, and follow up with the team to ensure execution of key strategic projects but also prioritize what the founders should spend time on - where their input is critical vs. nice to haves;

2. An integrator: you understand how each team works together and can act as a glue between departments, locations or teams;

3. A communicator: you bridge the gap between HQ teams and practice (unit level) teams;

4. An honest broker and truth teller: because you have an unbiased view of the entire company, you have an honest view of progress or potential issues arising and point out the management’s attention to prioritize accordingly.

This role will be headquartered in NYC (hybrid - 2 days required in our midtown office) and report to our Co-Founder / CEO.

  • Team Alignment - work across the executive team and the founders’ direct reports to ensure exemplary organizational communication and coordination;
  • Advance prep for critical meetings (materials prep, data gathering to help in decision-making, note-taking, and all follow up);
  • Team-wide communication about critical company decisions. Serve as the internal consultant for our highest priority operational and strategic initiatives;
  • Work in close concert with the founders to execute on organization-wide KPIs;
  • Bring stakeholders together across marketing, operations, member experience, finance, medical, and engineering functions as you complete projects;
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and build scalable solutions that grow our business and physical footprint;
  • Leverage a wealth of disparate data sources to drive strategic decision-making.
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