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Chief of Staff to CEO

Austin, TX
Jan 11, 2023
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Why Write of Passage?

We’re looking for the brightest talent to join us in creating the best online writing school in the world.

Write of Passage began in 2019 as an experiment: How do we teach writing for the Internet Age?

In three years, we’ve run nine online cohorts of our flagship course. Over 1,000 students from all over the world have learned a system for publishing quality ideas, connecting with like-minded people, and elevating their careers through writing on the Internet. Our graduates are using online writing to build audiences, launch businesses, and make an impact—living life on their terms!

Write of Passage is now considered the gold standard for community-driven, cohort-based, online courses. And, we’re growing. Our vision is to build a global platform for writing instruction in the 21st-century, while delivering the best educational experience in the world.


Chief of Staff

Be the right-hand to our CEO, David Perell.

Disney wouldn't exist without Walt’s lesser known brother: Roy. Walt was the creative one, but the company would’ve gone bankrupt without Roy. He had the business acumen. He was a relentless executor of Walt’s vision. Walt was the front man. Roy was in the background, always laid back and sometimes saving the day. By working quickly and obsessively, they accomplished a remarkable amount together.

David is looking for his Roy.

As Chief of Staff for Write of Passage, you’ll work closely with David to execute the core functions of the CEO position. You’ll have full visibility into the mechanics of running a company.

You must be able to work quickly and do excellent work. On a given day, you’ll start your morning in an executive meeting where we discuss our most pressing challenges, help David prepare for a visual presentation, respond to emails, dive into a spreadsheet, follow-up on tasks, and prepare for the weekly leadership meeting.

Your work will span across multiple categories:

  • Execution: You’re hyper-organized and love note-taking. You’re obsessive with crossing things off your to-do list and don’t let action items fall through the cracks. As David’s Chief of Staff, you will attend almost every meeting he has. All of them end with action items. You’ll be responsible for managing them, delegating tasks, and taking care of others yourself.
  • Communications: We’re a writing company and we do a lot of internal writing, so you’re going to write. A lot. You’ll work with David to get his thoughts onto paper or into slides and improve them. At the level of minute details, that means no typos. Together, you’ll develop decision-making frameworks to scale his thinking and clarify his vision (while oozing high-standards and friendliness). You’ll also be responsible for making clear and beautiful presentations for all-team meetings.
  • Supporting the Leadership Team: You’ll be the back-stop for our leadership team. A ballast to keep us moving quickly, without compromising stability. You’ll attend our weekly leadership meetings and keep us tracked towards our short-term tasks and long-term goals.

You’ll Love This Role If:

  • You’re a master at time management: We have way too much work and way too little time to do it. People should marvel at your productivity. Having a lot of responsibility should fire you up, not drain you. To excel in this role, you must be a master at prioritizing tasks and organizing your schedule (and the CEOs).
  • You thrive in a culture of directness: At Write of Passage, we speak directly to each other using Radical Candor. We prioritize honest feedback that comes from a place of warmth and a shared mission to be the best we can be. You must be comfortable critiquing and being critiqued by everybody on the leadership team.
  • You’re obsessed with writing, education, and business: This is the best window into the world of company building you can get. If you love the work of entrepreneurship (and want to eventually run a company) company building, and also believe that for-profit education can improve how people learn, you will love this job.
  • You’re the go-to person when your colleagues need something done: You’re insanely reliable. Things in your territory don’t fall through the cracks. You can work fast when you need to, but are obsessed with details. You’re the planner in the room, and routinely identify problems before anybody else has thought about them.
  • No detail is too small: This role will span across the biggest of big-picture conversations to the smallest of small-picture action items. The more tactical and specific the project, the more likely you are to be leading it. Being detail-oriented is the price of admission. You should also be systematic and obsessively organized (please apply if “obsessive” is your middle name).
  • You live with a Heart on Fire: People describe you as warm and exceedingly friendly. You’re passionate about your work and enthusiastic about the world. You’re quirky and curious. Your warmth is contagious and you insist on doing something meaningful with your life.

Don’t Apply If:

  • You work slowly: We work quickly, but don’t tolerate sloppiness. To succeed in this role, you have to be comfortable working at the speed of a startup. Details matter, but this isn’t the role for a perfectionist who treats every project like their magnum opus.
  • You’re allergic to operations: This role, like the CEO position, isn’t always grand. You’ll be responsible for nitty-gritty tasks like troubleshooting our email software and creating spreadsheets.
  • You can’t travel 6-10 times per year: To succeed in this role, you and David will have to work in-person together multiple times per year. That means attending his important meetings and company retreats.
  • You refuse to work on Saturdays: The weeks are so busy that David does his best creative thinking on Saturdays when the world slows down and he finally has time to think. Expect to join him for strategic conversations, usually in person. Sundays are for relaxing though. Unless there’s a four-alarm fire, we’re not going to call you on Sundays.
  • You can’t write: You should be able to translate David’s voice into quality writing. If you struggle to communicate by writing, don’t apply. But if you can write clearly and efficiently (with some occasional jokes and poetic flair), hit that application button. We want to talk to you!
  • You don’t enjoy writing: When David was a kid, he had a shirt that said: “Eat, Sleep, Golf.” Now, he’s getting a shirt made that says: “Eat, Sleep, Write.” Writing is such a pillar of this role that once you join, he’ll order one for you too. As the voice of the CEO, you won’t just need to be a superb writer. You’ll be responsible for co-writing emails and long-form memos in David’s tone.

What You’ve Probably Done:

  • Been a Chief of Staff: Somebody who’s done this role before is a huge plus.
  • Built a budget: It doesn’t need to have been for millions of dollars but you are comfortable in and amongst the numbers. Chances are, you were a pretty good math student.
  • Developed strong opinions about to-do lists: Do you use the Pomodoro technique? Or do you wake up early and power through everything? If you love a good to-do list and have thought about the nuances of checking everything off it, you’re probably a good fit for this role.
  • Started something yourself: Doesn’t matter what… a newsletter, a club, a product, or a business. You know what it’s like to have an idea and make it happen.
  • Planned an event: Ideally not Fyre festival. Although if that was you then let’s chat anyway as you’ll have some crazy stories!
  • Inspired a team: Were you captain of the football team or lead performer in the school musical? The subject matter is not as important as having been a linchpin and somebody who team members trusted and respected.

Work with Us:

We’re a group of whip-smart, talented believers who move quickly yet thoughtfully. We’re exuberant about our work and the obscure personal interests we pursue.

This isn't your average corporate job. You'll have loads of autonomy within a culture of feedback and collaboration. We leave our egos at the door and help one another thrive.

Our students and employees are top-caliber folks with lofty visions and influence. We’re privately owned, so we call the shots. And like the 1927 Yankees, we’re an all-star team (Googled it… Mike Muggins managed the team, so he was basically their Chief of Staff). We’re very ambitious, but that drive never compromises our loyalty to our students and one another.

Write of Passage will always be a delightful place to work.


  • Remote work
  • Intermittently working out of our world-class production studio in Austin, TX.
  • Occasional travel for team retreats
  • Being the CEO’s closest confidant and seeing more of the business than anybody at the company.
  • We’ll pay your travel costs
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