Bridge for Billions

Bridge for Billions

Operations and Administration Manager

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Nov 8, 2023
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About Us

As one of the largest entrepreneurship networks globally, Bridge for Billions creates, designs, and manages entrepreneurship programs with foundations, corporations, and public entities that have benefited more than 4,000 entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries. We exist to enable more early-stage entrepreneurs of all kinds to thrive, generating jobs and solutions for everyone, so our economies sustainably meet the needs of all.

Bridge for Billions, recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Ashoka, and Acumen, has worked with more than 100 organizations such as Coca-Cola, Novartis, VISA, and institutions such as the United Nations or IDB Lab in the development of large-scale entrepreneurship programs. In 8 years, Bridge has grown to a team of more than 60 people from nearly 20 nationalities, with headquarters in Madrid, where most of our team is based; an emerging LatAm HQ in Antigua, Guatemala, with a few team members; and a few people based in different places around the world.


Bridge for Billions Operations and Administration Manager is responsible for ensuring seamless and organized day-to-day operations, logistics, and financial management of the company. This pivotal role demands meticulous attention to detail, adept multitasking, and effective prioritization in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Financial and Accounting Management (60%)

  • Cost center management: Assisting with the monitoring and reporting of expenses for different departments or projects.
  • Invoice processing: Verifying, recording, and processing invoices for payment.
  • Entity management: Maintaining accurate records for different entities within the organization.
  • Bank reconciliation: Comparing bank statements with internal records to ensure accuracy.
  • Matching invoices to bank transactions: Ensuring that all invoices are properly recorded and accounted for in the bank statements.
  • Financial analysis: Assisting with financial analysis and reporting to support decision making.

Procurement and Contracting (20%)

  • Procurement: Supporting the procurement process by researching, comparing and negotiating prices and contracts with suppliers.

Logistics and Operational Support (20%)

  • Travel logistics management: Organizing and coordinating travel arrangements for team members.
  • Office purchases and Project Office support: Purchasing office supplies and supporting project management activities.


Skills we look for in this role in particular:

  • Advanced English and Native Spanish (or vice versa). *Please, we will not make exceptions with this, the interviews will be in English.
  • Accounting knowledge
  • Financial analysis skills
  • Proficiency in spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets)
  • Knowledge of financial management software (e.g. QuickBooks)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
  • Good organizational skills
  • Familiarity with procurement processes and contract management
  • Knowledge of travel logistics management.
  • You have a start-up mindset — highly collaborative with an entrepreneurial, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. You’re not afraid to be responsible for the outcomes of your work and work independently when required.

Soft Skills

  • Ethics and Confidentiality: Upholding high standards of professional ethics and handling financial and operational information with confidentiality.
  • Time Management: Being able to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively to meet deadlines and maintain smooth operations.
  • Strong project management skills as you’ll be working with multiple stakeholders simultaneously.
  • Extraordinary attention to detail: you test things yourself before making them public; you dislike when your work has imperfections.
  • Can break down problems and think critically.
  • Resourcefulness and good common sense to approach problems efficiently.

Skills we look for in all Bridge team members:

  • Effective Communicator: You have proven experience in resolving problems and communicating complex ideas clearly to diverse groups in a fast-paced environment.
  • Purpose Driven: This position aligns with your life's purpose, the impact you wish to make, and the person you want to become.
  • Values Aligned: You embody our core values of Courage, Grit, Empathy, and Gumption.
  • Startup Mindset: You're collaborative, entrepreneurial, and willing to take responsibility for your work outcomes, operating effectively even when working alone.
  • Proactive & Empathetic: You take initiative, are results-driven, and empathetic in all your interactions with team members, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners.
  • Emotionally Intelligent: You have a deep understanding of people’s needs and expectations and can build trust and engagement quickly.
  • Passionate & Curious: You are passionate about your work and have a lifelong desire to learn.
  • Resilient: You have a growth mindset and the resilience to overcome challenges, understanding that systemic change requires hard work.


  • Apply: Submit your application.
  • Initial Chat: A brief 30-45 minute conversation to discuss your interest and understand the role.
  • Business Case: You'll receive a challenge to complete within a set time frame.
  • Technical Interview: If your challenge is satisfactory, we'll discuss it further and assess your technical skills.
  • Mutual Interview: An open discussion where you can ask us any questions to ensure our company is the right fit for you.
  • References: With your consent, we'll contact two of your references for feedback.
  • Offer: If all goes well, you'll receive a job offer from us.


Transparent salaries and fair compensation structure, mid-range for the social sector:

  • Compensation of 25,000€ - 30,000€ per year, plus generous sales commissions.
  • Paid health insurance (Alan)
  • Flexible remuneration with Cobee: We give you the flexibility to consume your benefits (from meals, transportation, kindergarten, training) directly from your payroll and achieve interesting tax benefits.
  • Location: Madrid
  • Start date: As soon as we find the right person.
  • Position type: Full-time.

Others Benefits

Impact & Team

  • Referral Incentive: Receive a $200 bonus for successful team referrals ($100 upon hiring and an added $100 after their first 6 months).
  • Our Vision: We're set on reshaping the entrepreneurship landscape to be more just, inclusive, and effective.
  • Make a Real Impact: Join us in aiding entrepreneurs worldwide. As a part of our team, you'll be at the heart of a rapidly evolving social enterprise.
  • Team Dynamics: We're a passionate, international crew with a shared mission. See what our team members are saying on Glassdoor.
  • Company Values: Our four pillars are Gumption, Courage, Grit, and Empathy.

Growth & Development

  • Annual Global Retreats: Join us in global company-wide retreats, geared toward alignment and leadership growth, facilitated by external professionals.
  • Personal Growth: Take advantage of a dedicated learning budget, tailored for needs like backend bootcamps or leadership training sessions.
  • Feedback-Centered Culture: Engage in monthly one-on-ones with your lead and partake in comprehensive quarterly reviews with your peers.
  • Skill Sharing: We value cross-training. Team members are urged to share expertise through talks and in-house training.

Wellbeing & Paid Time Off

  • Vacation Days: You'll have 22 vacation days, with the option to add more, in addition to chosen local public holidays.
  • Supporting Mental Health: We provide access to Spill, a platform that offers therapist chats on demand, prioritizing your mental well-being.

Flexibility & Remote Work

  • Tech Ready: We'll equip you with a second-hand Macbook, a sustainable choice sourced from Backmarket.
  • Flexible Work Options: Enjoy a blend of flexible work hours and the option to work remotely.
  • Our Madrid Base: If you're in Madrid, our centrally-located office awaits, complete with a bright ambiance, modern amenities, and a welcoming terrace ideal for team gatherings.
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