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I am a data practitioner focused on building technology for good. As a strategic thinker, I love exploring new ideas, re-evaluating the way things have been done before, and prototyping innovative solutions. I thrive on ensuring that dynamic organizations run operations smoothly, creating intuitive experiences for people, and constantly seeking better ways to do things. And, I believe that effective technology systems and usable data are key to making a real impact with every strategic and operational decision. I am energized by entrepreneurial, mission-oriented organizations, building systems and tools, testing and iterating on new ideas, and using data to make a positive impact.

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Dec 1, 2019

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Software & Data Solutions

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Scott Amenta




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Rebecca Le

Rebecca Le

Head of Operations at Foxbox Digital

Pensacola, FL

Laura Shaw

Laura Shaw

Head of Ops & Chief of Staff at Enigma

Denver, CO

Deanna Sinclair

Deanna Sinclair

Head of Operations at Polly.ai


Dave Mekelburg

Dave Mekelburg

Head of Operations at PandoLogic

Ann Arbor, Michigan (Remote)

Eric Mogil

Eric Mogil

Chief Growth Officer at Radar

New York

Sameer Nizamuddin

Sameer Nizamuddin

Strategy Manager at Deloitte Consulting

San Francisco

Alice Lan

Alice Lan

Operations Lead at Lilia


Sara Zabukovec

Sara Zabukovec

Senior Director, Operations at Pluralsight


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