Shreyas Doshi’s Guide to 1:1s as a New Manager

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November 29, 2022
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When you start managing someone, use your 1:1s in the first couple of weeks to understand their Context. Most new managers focus solely on getting upto speed on Content (projects, goals, milestones, blockers, etc.)

But by balancing Context & Content, you can help move the relationship much faster from Introduction to Rapport to Credibility to Trust.

Example 1:1 questions

1) Tell me your career story

2) What is working well for you here

3) What is not working well for you

4) What type of work energizes you most

5) What type of work depletes your energy

6) How do you prefer to receive feedback

7) What forms of recognition do you prefer the most / the least

8) Tell me about your relationship with key team members

9) What is the most pressing issue I can assist you with

Note that it takes most people some time to figure out an authentic answer to some of these questions. But by asking these questions as you are starting to work with them, you get the dialogue started, you activate self-inquiry around these topics, and most importantly, you remove any awkwardness around broaching these topics later on in the relationship.

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