The First 90 Days of BizOps Professional

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July 14, 2022
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If you appreciate thinking about ways to increase income, improve performance, or develop strategies to improve a company's workflow, then you've probably heard of BizOps. BizOps, also known as business operations, is a decision-support mechanism that enables a company's seamless operation by better connecting its operations.

BizOps positions are in high demand across a wide range of businesses. However, these roles are particularly popular among startups and tech firms, as they help to bridge knowledge gaps across product, development, and marketing departments. From team members to c-level executives, BizOps entails communicating with and offering recommendations to a wide range of corporate stakeholders. 

What is it like to work as a BizOps professional? 

The First 30 Days of BizOps Professional

Your first 30 days as a BizOps professional will include familiarization with the company. You’ll be able to see where you fit in well and where you can make significant contributions. As a new BizOps professional, you'll start as a generalist, whose job is to help the organization discover and solve problems. You'll be watching how the senior management team responds to questions, comes up with solutions, and presents them. 

You'll eventually be called upon to assist the senior management team in answering difficult questions and making critical decisions for both day-to-day operations and long-term strategic decisions.

Here are some examples of common questions you may need to address:

  • Which market should we enter?
  • What changes can be made to meet productivity targets?
  • How can we cut costs while maintaining quality?

The First 60 Days of BizOps Professional

You will develop more into a strategist over the following 30 days as a BizOps professional. You'll begin working on the company's existing and newly identified problems. During this period, you will concentrate on high-priority problems that have to be addressed and other projects that you’re assigned. This is the stage in which you will become a strategist, addressing issues and proposing solutions.

It will be your second month, so you will have a better understanding of the company and will be able to seek advice and support from your senior management team regarding the strategies you’re developing, ensuring that they are in line with the company's needs and goals.

The following are some common responsibilities:

  • Research
  • Analytics
  • Develop strategies and initiatives
  • Propose strategies
  • Reporting to senior management

The First 90 Days of BizOps Professional

By the third month of working as a BizOps professional, you will now be driving substantial influence and great change across your company. Your proposed strategies and action plan will be approved by your senior management and presented to the entire company for execution. You will direct initiatives, from conception to execution and modification. It is where you’ll show how effective your strategies are and how they will help your company.

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