What's a Fair Salary for BizOps Professionals?

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January 18, 2023
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Salary always comes up when discussing job roles, especially in the business world. It's no secret that certain positions pay significantly more than others - but what about BizOps professionals? What kind of salary can you expect to earn in this role?

As with any job, a Business Operations professional’s salary can vary depending on several factors, including experience, location, and the size of the company. However, some general trends can be observed when it comes to salary ranges.

Let's take a look at the most recent data to see what kind of salaries you can expect as a BizOps professional.

Business Operations is a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career Path

If you’re looking for a career that lets you break through organizational silos so you can work with all kinds of teams in different departments, Business Operations—or BizOps, as it’s commonly called—is a career path for you.

For starters, there’s a tremendous need for BizOps professionals. McKinsey, when assessing the challenges of organizational transformation, found that “the most successful performance transformation efforts cut across business units and functions, target both the top and bottom lines, and engage a substantial share of the workforce.”

Companies increasingly need highly organized and intelligent jack-of-all-trades professionals. They need people who can look at a diverse range of problems and find solutions—and they’re paying well for it. 

On a high level, a Business Operations professional's responsibility is to improve a company’s efficiency and reduce waste. This is a wide mandate.  And it’s vital to a company's success, which means if you do it well, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

If companies don’t already have BizOps professionals, they’re considering or actively looking for them. In fact, HBR research found that 86% of executives “say BizOps would be beneficial, or in some cases already is beneficial, to their organization.” If you want to be a BizOps professional, you’re in high demand.

The Salary Ranges For Business Operations Professionals

With the increased demand in recent years, salaries for Business Operations professionals have been on the rise.

The average salary for a Business Operations professional in the United States is close to $90,000 per year. However, this number can vary depending on experience, location, and the size of the company you work for.

For example, some large companies may be willing to pay significantly more for a highly experienced BizOps professional. Similarly, those working in high-cost areas such as New York or San Francisco will likely earn more than those in other parts of the country.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, let’s take a look at some salary ranges for Business Operations professionals in the United States:

Here are some salary ranges for various BizOps roles in particular companies:

The Different Kinds of Roles You’ll Find In BizOps

BizOps is becoming increasingly common, but it’s still new. For that reason, Business Operations professionals can fall under an umbrella of job titles. 

Wafic El-Assi, a Product Manager at Uber who works closely with BizOps professionals (which is very common), shares that several titles are used synonymously when describing BizOps: “‘Strategy & Operations,’ ‘Strategic Initiatives.’ ‘Special Projects,’ ‘Strategy & Business Operations,’ and of course, ‘Business Operations.’’’ 

Just as BizOps isn’t always called “BizOps,” every company will have different hierarchies within BizOps. Larger companies, for example, with established BizOps ranks, will progress  like this:

  • Associate: Early career professionals in BizOps start by supporting the execution of BizOps strategies. They’re “doers.” Associates receive their work from Senior Associates and Managers. This is a critical time when they gain early exposure to different departments. Other early career professionals won’t have the same opportunity to gain cross-department knowledge.
  • Senior Associate: Senior Associates will work closely with project managers and executives to move projects forward and develop progress presentations. They’re responsible for driving overall project outcomes (managing their subordinates) and keeping stakeholders in the loop through presentations and progress reports (maintaining buy-in and support).
  • Manager: Managers are responsible for translating company strategies into executable projects. They are also tasked with overseeing the work of Associates and Senior Associates to meet project deadlines and financial targets.
  • Director: The Director's role is all about setting long-term strategies for the company, rather than working in day-to-day operations. A BizOps Director may work on initiatives as varied as choosing data infrastructure, setting pricing, and developing channel partnerships.

There’s a lot of room to grow in BizOps. Many BizOps professionals start in entry-level roles and progress quickly as they gain more experience.

What Types of Companies Hire BizOps Professionals?

From small businesses to large corporations, many different types of companies need someone in this role. With this comes plenty of opportunities for you to find a company that’s the right fit for you— in terms of location, salary and benefits, and company culture.

Categorized by industry, here are some companies that are hiring BizOps professionals:


When looking for a BizOps role within the tech industry, you’ll find unicorns and series A companies. 

It’s a wide range, and the company size will determine a lot about your role. 

Some large tech companies with BizOps roles include ROKT, Zendesk, Meta, and Google. 

Smaller tech companies that hire BizOps roles usually have had several rounds of fundraising. PipeCandy, Polly, Exygy, First Mode, and Maze have had funding rounds between series B and series E


Within the financial industry, you’ll also find tech unicorns like PayPal hiring BizOps roles. But you’ll also find companies like Pulley, Scratch Financial, Titan Financial Services, Formations, Cash App, Alternative, Lincoln Financial Group, and eMoney Advisor.


Within the healthcare industry, you can work as a BizOps professional at companies like The Rounds, Heading Health, Health Hero, Inc, Headway, CipherHealth, Rancho BioSciences LLC, UnitedHealth Group, USAble Life, and Lyra Health.


Large retailers need support from BizOps professionals to make more data-informed decisions. In fact, McKinsey found that retail operations need a significant technological transformation to stay competitive. BizOps professionals play a key role in this transformation. 

You’ll find companies such as Shiftsmart, Anna Sheffield Fine & Commitment Jewelry, Air Protein, BrightFarms, Fanatics Inc., Fay, Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot hiring BizOps professionals.


Consulting is a common starting point for BizOps professionals. Rahul Desai, was a former consultant who transitioned into BizOps. He shares that,

"The skills I learned in consulting, such as project management, diagnosing and decomposing a problem, spreadsheet modeling, and process improvement, all made it pretty easy to transition into a BizOps role. I was able to use my consulting skills not just to advise a company but actually effect change!"

You’ll find opportunities at companies like ShiftCode Analytics, Humanloop, Motherlode Consulting, Encore Consulting, Avela, Workforce Matrix, CliftonLarsonAllen, Berkeley Research Group, and CohnReznick LLP.

Transportation and Logistics

Working within the supply chain industry will have you working at companies like Ivee, OpenTrack, True North Fleet, Jerry, Flexport, ShipLilly, Lockheed Martin, O'Reilly Automotive, and Ryder System. 

The supply chain industry is increasingly using cutting-edge technology like AI to stay competitive and meet consumer demand for goods. These companies will need BizOps professionals who can exploit these insights to derive competitive strategies.

Real Estate

The real estate industry needs BizOps professionals. You’ll find roles at companies like Atlanta BeltLine, Culdesac, Shoreline Property Group, Valon Mortgage, TKS Real Estate Partners, Sagent, Zillow, Newmark, and Realtor.com. 

Start Growing your Career as a BizOps Professional Today

With endless opportunities for career growth, it’s no wonder that Business Operations is one of the most popular industries today. Most companies are always on the lookout for talented and experienced BizOps professionals who can help take their business to the next level.

If you’re thinking of starting your career in Business Operations, or if you’re already working in the field and looking for ways to progress, a strong community like BizOps Network can help you reach your potential.

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