Create meaningful relationships with other members of the BizOps Network.

Meet & learn from other world-class business operations leaders in the Network.

Every new connection opens new learning opportunities and career paths. With our partner, Scales, you can put your professional networking activities on auto-pilot.

What: 1:1 automated virtual meetups
Where: Scales (see below)
When: 30 min meetings, 1-2x /month

Join BizOps Connections on Scales

Build your Professional Network!

Top Leaders Only

Our team vets every new member joining the community. Whether they are a few years into their career or operating at the most senior level of their organization, you can be sure they are worth meeting.

Problem Solve Together

Connecting with peers at different companies or in new industries opens up huge opportunities to learn. Get insights from other operators solving similar challenges at different career points, company scale, and more.

Automated Scheduling

Don't fret about finding a time to meet with your new connections! Connect your calendar and let the system do the work for you to make sure a mutual time is chosen automagically.

How it Works

We've partnered with Scales to ensure every interaction you have with other members is awesome!

Here's how to get started:

1. Complete your personal profile
After signup, fill out your personal profile and integrate with your Google or Microsoft calendar(s) to prevent conflicting meetings.

2. Join a community program
As the community grows larger, new programs will be introduced match members based on geography, company size, industry and more!

3. Look out for calendar invites
You will receive invitations to Scales program meetings by email up to 2 weeks before the next meeting. These are scheduled automatically based on your availability.

4. Meet up and make it so!
When it's time for your next match, a link in the email or calendar invitation will take you to our lobby and private video chat. All you have to do is show up and engage!