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10 Things We Know About the Science of Meditation

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Jun 18, 2021


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10 Things We Know About the Science of Meditation
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1) Meditation almost certainly does sharpen your attention.%20Meditation%20almost%20certainly%20does%20sharpen,It%E2%80%99s)

2) Long-term, consistent meditation does seem to increase resiliency to stress.%20Long%2Dterm%2C%20consistent%20meditation%20does%20seem,Note)

3) Meditation does appear to increase compassion. It also makes our compassion more effective.%20Meditation%20does%20appear%20to%20increase,While)

4) Meditation does seem to improve mental health—but it’s not necessarily more effective than other steps you can take.%20Meditation%20does%20seem%20to%20improve,Early)

5) Mindfulness could have a positive impact on your relationships.%20Mindfulness%20could%20have%20a%20positive,There)

6) Mindfulness seems to reduce many kinds of bias.%20Mindfulness%20seems%20to%20reduce%20many,We)

7) Meditation does have an impact on physical health—but it’s modest.%20Meditation%20does%20have%20an%20impact,Many)

8) Meditation might not be good for everyone all the time.%20Meditation%20might%20not%20be%20good,Some)

9) What kind of meditation is right for you? That depends.%20What%20kind%20of%20meditation%20is,%E2%80%9CMindfulness%E2%80%9D)

10) How much meditation is enough? That also depends.%20How%20much%20meditation%20is%20enough%3F,This)