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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding a Coach

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Steve Schlafman



Jun 18, 2021


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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding a Coach
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Photo: Matt LaVasseur via Unsplash

I’m frequently asked by entrepreneurs, investors and friends how to find and select a coach. It turns out there aren’t a ton of useful resources out there. I figured this was a timely opportunity to create and publish a comprehensive guide to help those leaders committed to professional and personal development.

I’m clearly biased but I believe that every leader (and person for that matter) can benefit from working with a coach, especially in times of crisis. I’ve seen first hand the impact that coaches and mentors have had on my own transformation. I’ve also witnessed the growth that other leaders have experienced. This includes countless founders I’ve partnered with, close friends and even my wife.

That’s why I designed a guide to help you navigate the opaque world of coaching. I also created this guide to help you assess and find an amazing coach who is a strong match. Fit is incredibly critical because it has a direct impact on the strength of the alliance and quality of outcomes.

This guide is broken up into a number of sections. First, I provide an overview on what coaching actually is. I then share insights into the coaches toolbox. Said another way, the experiences, skills and certifications that a coach may have. From there, we’ll dive into how you can run a process and determine fit. I then highlight coaches and organizations that have been recommended by your peers. On our way to wrapping up, I share how you can think about pricing and ROI. Finally, I leave you with some resources if you want to go deeper into coaching.

With all of that out of the way, I’m thrilled to present to you ‘An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding a Coach.’

Working with a coach is a big investment in time, money and energy. Both sides should feel charged to co-create a partnership, embark on a life-changing journey and grow together over time. That’s why going into the process armed with guidance and information is so critical.

There are also some excellent blog posts on the topic if you would like to go deeper. There’s no way I would have been able to create this guide without the help and influence of others. Here are some of my favorites from Ed Batista of Stanford, Beth Scheer of Homebrew and Richard Hughes Jones, a wonderful coach out of the UK.

Remember, there are thousands of amazing coaches out there with different life experiences, philosophies and approaches. The right one is out there waiting for you to connect with them. I sincerely hope you find and partner with a coach that helps you fulfill your full potential and bring your wildest visions to life.

Finally, I view this guide as a work-in-progress. Your feedback, questions and comments are welcome, encouraged and appreciated. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

Now go make it happen. Godspeed!