Leading without Authority

Leading without Authority
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Serving Powerfully Behind the Scenes

Laurie's Bio

  • AT&T 30 years. Sales Leader & Chief of Staff to senior team
  • Trusted Advisor to senior leaders and chiefs of staff/Founder of ChiefSpace
  • At my core, I love helping the greats behind the greats get greater!

Most things get done because of chief involvement and most people never know it.  

  • WE are the silent giants that often go unattended to, YET almost everything that gets accomplished has our involvement and leadership
  • We work 24 x 7 – almost ALL of the time and know how to do it powerfully
  • We spend more time developing relationships and trust because we KNOW that’s the foundation of how all things work, or NOT
  • We are rarely, if ever,  the one in the spotlight and yet the one  hat the most senior leaders rely on the most to get things done

How to lead without authority (Laurie shares various examples illustrating each of these points).

  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Relationships + Trust = Influence
  • Clear and succinct communication is a core competency
  • Ask powerful questions – most answers lie in the questions themselves
  • Take others with you from the start. Not about creating followers – about driving alignment which leads to progression.

Breakout rooms

What are you not doing yet in your role that if you
started applying tomorrow, could amplify your ability to
lead without authority?z