The General Manager Role and Career Path with Rebekah Rombom

The General Manager Role and Career Path with Rebekah Rombom
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Learn from this Lunch and Learn with Rebekah Rombom, the Chief Business Development Officer at Flatiron School and previous General Manager at Flatrion.
Early in career: worked with CEO and would take on departments or teams as part of that work. Initially wanted to be a writer but realized that it is low-pay and limited competitive advantages in that work

Career hypothesis is to be better than anyone else, which usually meant worked longer than others

Constantly asking others internally and externally for input and feedback.

Getting more context is critical to getting things done and advancing. People senior to you likely just have more context about numbers, strategy, etc.

Never really feel ready to take on a new role in a good way

Do two things when taking over a business line/vertical and working as a GM:

1) understand the financials, and find the people that really understand the numbers

2) get to know the team and how the business runs

When leading and managing, focus on these 4 things:

  1. make sure people know what they are supposed to be doing
  2. do you know if those people are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing
  3. do those people know how their work actually fits into company goals and metrics
  4. better understand what tools, resources, and frameworks people have or need

All hands and team meetings are essential to remind people about these 4 things, especially the first three

4 buckets of work: people, performance, process and sales

"You can solve most problems with growth and revenue"

Constantly reprioritizing, getting to minimum viable projects and evolving