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YC Template Sales Agreement

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Y Combinator



Jun 18, 2021


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YC Template Sales Agreement
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Free Template Sales Agreement




When Y Combinator startups make their first sales, we provide them with a sales template to make the legal part easy. In 2015, Y Combinator open sourced its sales template for the benefit of all startups.

The sales template here is specially tailored for software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups – i.e. companies who charge for cloud software on a subscription basis. You should consider YC’s template as a starting point and customize it to meet your needs. We’ve highlighted the areas that in our experience are most likely to vary startup to startup.

Special thanks to James Riley at Goodwin Proctor for helping us draft the template sales agreement. Needless to say, YC & Goodwin Procter do not assume any responsibility for any consequence of using any of the documents linked here.