Chief of Staff

United States
May 11, 2024
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About Motion

Project management systems today are great at letting companies record their tasks, but place all of the burden on human project coordinators. These tools don’t know about the team’s time and resources and don’t have any intelligence — someone has to manually match tasks against their assumptions about the team’s capacity. Not only does this process waste precious company resources, it’s also error-prone and leads to overwork, missed deadlines, miscommunication, and micromanagement.

Motion is building the world’s most intelligent project management system — one that doesn’t require a project coordinator manually tracking each task, but rather an intelligent system that can make sense of hundreds of tasks across dozens of projects and automatically coordinate them across every person on the team. Motion allows companies to focus on the work they need to do rather than wasting up to 50% of their resources on overhead.

Our users give us data on their workload (e.g. projects and tasks) and resources (employee roles, calendars, and schedules). Based on all this information, Motion makes intelligent decisions about how tasks should be executed — better than any human project coordinator. Teams that use Motion know what people are working on at any given time, when each task will be completed, and whether any tasks will fall behind schedule. The moment something changes, instead of the coordinator having to figure out all the cascading effects, Motion instantly creates a new optimized plan for the team.

About The Hiring Manager

Hi, I’m Ethan, Motion’s Co-Founder and COO. I truly believe that exceptional companies are built by exceptional teams, and at Motion I’m trying to build the most talented team that’s ever been assembled. Before starting Motion, I began my career as a software engineer at WhatsApp and Facebook, where I saw firsthand how tiny teams can achieve outsized outcomes and learned how great tech companies operate at scale. I was a consultant at McKinsey, where I learned about business and operational best practices. Finally, I joined the world of quantitative trading at Citadel and DRW, where I learned how to compete in the world’s most competitive profession, and built a trading desk from scratch where I evaluated and hired traders making 7-figures. These experiences taught me a lot about what world-class teams and operations look like, and when I started Motion I wanted to build something even greater.

About The Role

I’m hiring a Chief of Staff who will work closely with me to manage our most critical initiatives during our next chapter of hyper-growth. You will lead our efforts in hiring, setting company culture, people operations, and business development. I’ve worked hard to ensure Motion’s team is one of the highest talent-density teams in the world, and you’ll be responsible for maintaining and even improving our culture of excellence as we grow. After 1-2 years, your role will transition to a leadership position in People or Business Development, depending on which areas you excel at.

You will be successful at Motion if:

- You're ambitious and you’re looking to prove yourself

- You don’t just want to work on “strategy” and “managing stakeholders”

- You are a fast learner and can quickly familiarize yourself with a complex business and product

- You are good at assessing talent and enjoy helping others succeed

- You are quantitative and can write (simple) code

About Your Background

We’re looking for someone with 3-5 years of professional experience. Experience in startups, consulting or finance, and/or MBA may be helpful, but we are open to considering any candidate who believes they are a good fit based on the success criteria above

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