Chief of Staff

San Francisco Bay Area
Apr 20, 2024
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The Job Description

The chief of staff supports Fay’s founders in keeping the company moving at a lightning-fast pace. You’ll be the right-hand person and “force multiplier” for the CEO and CTO, picking up a wide range of work that they have been doing themselves but need to hand off as Fay grows.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Sign agreements with Fay’s vendors and partners and manage Fay’s relationships with them
  • Help founders prepare materials for board meetings and fundraising activities
  • Plan company-wide in-person events that bring all members of the team together
  • Arrange travel (flights, hotels, etc.) for candidates interviewing with Fay
  • Take the lead in finding new workspaces as the team outgrows its current workspaces
  • Help founders filter through job applications and schedule interviews with candidates

The best companies are made of the best people. There’s no shortage of work ahead, but we stay balanced and look forward to celebrating our wins as a team.

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