Chief Operating Officer

United States
May 6, 2024
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Chief Operating Officer

SignWell is an electronic signature web application used and loved by thousands of businesses.

As a team of seven, we've successfully entered and gained traction in a competitive market by making e-signatures intuitive, affordable, and simplifying the signing process.

We’re looking for a Chief Operating Officer with strong leadership skills to build on our momentum and drive our mission of simplifying how documents get signed for millions of people and businesses.

Why You Should Apply

You'll be part of a team that:

  • Is quickly growing a product that customers love, in a large market, just as momentum is building.
  • Has built a great company culture while being both collaborative and highly effective.
  • Is focused on real and sustainable growth through profitability without relying on VC funding (no need to worry about sudden layoffs or running out of funding).
  • Is completely transparent about how we operate and the health of the business.
  • Is constantly learning and experimenting with product and growth methods used by world-class people.

This is an opportunity where you’ll work with a great team to directly contribute to the success of the business. You'll be working directly with our founder as you take on and run different functions of the company.

Additionally, this role offers a unique opportunity with a clear path to CEO, allowing you to not only drive our mission forward but also carve out your own path to leadership within the company.

About This Role

As the Chief Operating Officer at SignWell, you will be key in optimizing our operations and driving strategic growth as we take advantage of the opportunities developing in our market. This position requires a strong leader who welcomes the challenges of a competitive market and while steering the company towards sustainable success.

In this role, you will:

  • Put in place and execute long-term growth and strategy initiatives, building the roadmap to the future of our company and the electronic signature space.
  • Evaluate SignWell’s strategies related to product, operations, sales, and marketing, tying them together into a cohesive plan.
  • Craft a 1–3 year strategic plan and unite our team around it.
  • Ensure we have the right people in place to deliver on our mission.
  • Provide strategic input and leadership on key issues and opportunities, guiding us in the best direction for our company.
  • Drive a culture where we’re always improving, taking action on the right things, and collaborating as one team.
  • Work closely with our founder to align the company's vision, mission, and values with day-to-day operations.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We know every company is different, and we want to make sure we're the right fit for you. Here's the kind of person we're looking for:

You're a clear communicator who can rally the team around a shared vision and mission.

You're a natural leader who can guide, coach, and grow our talented team.

You're a creative problem-solver when faced with obstacles.

You're not afraid to dive in and do the work – you lead by example.

You have at least 3 years experience as COO (bonus points if you’ve been a founder before).

You have a background in SaaS.

You bring a strong executive presence but also appreciate and contribute to SignWell's unique culture.

We're not just looking for a COO; we're looking for a partner who shares our passion for simplifying how documents get signed and is ready to work with us to make it happen. If this sounds like you, we can't wait to meet you.


Competitive Salary

Medical Insurance - Large Company Contribution

Always Remote (even after pandemic)

Audible or Similar Educational Subscription

Flexible PTO and Holidays

SignWell asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact SignWell directly.

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