Find your tribe in a BizOps Network Mastermind!

Length: 3 Months
Dates: Oct 12, Nov 16, Dec 14
Times: 12pm ET for 45 minutes
Register by: Fri, Dec 31

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BizOps Mastermind Benefits

Monthly peer-to-peer cohort

Build your professional network and find new connections

Solve problems in real-time

Your job is extremely dynamic and problems are constantly arising. Having regular mastermind calls will help you solve tough challenges at your company.

Build career-defining relationships

Through facilitated mastermind calls with breakout rooms, you will connect with peers in real and authentic ways.

Overview of the Quarterly Mastermind

Learn & Execute


  1. A new cohort of the mastermind launches at the beginning of each quarter!
  2. A curated group of BizOps leaders meet 1x per month for an intensive 45 minute conversation for 3 months.
  3. The Mastermind sessions are facilitated 45 minute conversations
Learn & Execute


  1. The next cohort will meet on: Oct 12, Nov 16 and Dec 14 
  1. You should plan to participate in your Mastermind for the entire 3 months (3 meetings total).
  2. You should plan to attend at the same selected time for all 3 sessions.

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