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January 17, 2024
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The Business Operations (BizOps) role continues to increase in prominence all around the world, appearing in companies of all sizes and industries. Due to this company variability, the disparate backgrounds and responsibilities that might fit within BizOps, and the relatively small number of BizOps professionals compared to other roles and functions, benchmarking compensation remains a daunting task.

As usual, this report exists to assist current and future BizOps practitioners in understanding their market value and advocating for fair pay. If you’d like to see past salary information, we prepared a shorter-form report at the beginning of 2023, which you can see here.

This report provides one view of the survey data, but there are many alternatives ways to slice and pivot it. The raw data of this survey is available to members of the. Apply here to access the data and join a peer group of hundreds of other strategy and operations professionals.

What is BizOps?

BizOps is an internal smokejumper role that applies business strategy and analytics to improve processes and solve problems to drive revenue, profitability and growth. BizOps stands at the nexus of the most important issues facing a company, such as vendor selection & implementation, process improvement / automation, financial modeling, M&A, and enabling other functions.

More generally speaking, BizOps can:

  • Parachute into any problem area and dig in and fix it.
  • Build and drive processes that help the company scale, including running quarterly business reviews, OKRs, budgeting, etc.
  • Join an underperforming team and take over the project and people management duties, while focusing the former manager as the subject matter expert.
  • Run any meeting effectively, and train managers how to do so.

BizOps defies definition because the function never exists in the same way across all organizations. But one definition of BizOps most practitioners would agree with is: “an internal decision-support and execution team that brings multiple skills and business functions together to make a company and its product areas better in every way. 

Methodology & Highlights

We surveyed over 100 BizOps professionals to gather our salary data. We have sliced the resulting data across years of experience, seniority level, company stage/size, gender, location, functional specialization, and more to give you a full picture of how specific factors can impact compensation.

Here are some top-level highlights:

  1. BizOps professionals earn $151,839 on average
  2. The maximum salary in our dataset was over $300,000
  3. The minimum salary in our dataset was $20,000

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

$151,839 - Average Salary
Histogram of Average Base Salary

The largest proportion of respondents were earning between $100k-200k per year, with all measures of central tendency falling around $150k. This exceeds the average Chief of Staff salary we saw in 2023 of $131k.

20% earned less than 100k and 24% earned greater than 200k.

As this is our first detailed report on BizOps salary, we don’t have significant data to compare to past years. However, we do see that our data falls within the ranges presented by Comprehensive.io. It also falls towards the top of the bands that we saw in our short-form Jan 2023 salary review.

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