Building a Scale Model

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Building a Scale Model
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Learn how building a scale model to integrate into your business can unlock exponential growth with experienced business architects from Expansion Group, founded by former CoS Katie Murphy. Katie and one of her partners, Jeff Harr, have offered 2 sessions with a free diagnostic questionnaire.

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Session 1:  

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying problem areas associated with the results of your diagnostic questionnaire and how integrating a scale model to solve these pain points can unlock exponential growth. This will be an interactive session with plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Session 2:

A workshop with Katie and Jeff to deep-dive into a few real-life problems areas from participants using tools they have developed from their Guided Scale Model Tracks in the areas of  Business Strategy, Organization & Role Design, Product and Technology.


Katie Murphy joined Chief of Staff Network in early 2021 during a short-term posting as Chief of Staff for HackerU, a global high-growth company in the Tech Ed space.  She has turned her full attentions back to Expansion Group, as CEO, which she founded in 2016. For the past 13 years she has worked with hundreds of companies across industries to build scalability in their business. Her zone of genius is diagnosing complex issues at their core and designing innovative solutions to solve those issues in simple steps. Katie works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Jeff Harr, MBA, joined Expansion Group as an advisor and Consultant in 2020. With over a decade of experience in startup operations on both coasts, he has helped companies efficiently and intelligently scale over and over again using careful organizational design. A champion of model thinking and putting people first, Jeff specializes in the fundamentals of building a business to last. Jeff works out of Rochester, NY.

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