Building Out Your Business Intelligence Arm

Building Out Your Business Intelligence Arm
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- as a team of one, you may be piecing together a handful of tools in the near-term, while hoping to create a larger system for longer-term 

- how widely used metrics like ARR can have different numbers across departments, creating later confusion and potential issues 

- the importance of company-wide definitions, and how it can take time and cross-company collaboration to determine them

- how hiring can be tricky. The combination of business acumen (strategy) and technical, data crunching hard skills is ideal… and some times can be rare to find. if you are that person, there can be room for you to grow 

- how some companies are trying to create a hub and spoke model across an org 

- always balancing “what is the best version of this metric? And how can I define and determine it and by when? 

- knowing where you want to go before you start. if you had all of the data that you could imagine, what would you actually do with it? Important to have an end in mind before you start looking and searching for data.