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A Lunch and Learn with Kard COO Katie Harper. She has risen the ranks at Kard over her 3 years there. Previously, she was also Head of Operations at Upwave. In this Lunch and Learn, Katie details she designs and implements operational cadence for herself and for the company. She literally walks through a table file, and details out how she thinks and maps out weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually priorities.  

A few highlights:

  • understanding work through “Urgent vs. Important” lens
  • how business units are interconnected and how work/actions in certain areas create waterfalls and flows to other areas
  • how Katie sees her role as a hole-filler and dot-connector given Kard is 30 employees
  • the scorecard and overview that she creates, and how she thinks about sharing that in her company
  • how Kard generally has one North Star metric and the business tracks into that metric
  • how one department usually "leads" a company (e.g. product-led, etc)

Books recommended:

  1. Good To Great by Jim Collins
  2. High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil
  3. The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch