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I moved to the United States 3 years ago without a network. Today, I create unique experiences that have brought together 15,000+ extraordinary tech leaders, change-makers, and builders in 6 cities. By day, I'm a product leader at Google (and Facebook alum) - by night, an event producer, startup advisor, community builder, investor, and writer. My platform has helped thousands of founders, job-seekers, and tech leaders raise money, and find talent and partners. I've been featured on the front page of Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine, Morning Brew, and This Week in Startups and share my expertise on tech, community-building, and events. Attendees include CEOs of billion dollar companies, Fortune 50 executives, notable investors, media personalities, athletes, and other extraordinary people. I've hosted 100+ events for this community - they are a place for people to get inspired, share ideas, explore, and so forth. I also help founders raise money from my deal-flow program - with my network of 1k+ investors at funds like a16z and Sequoia - and help job-seekers find opportunities through my talent network.

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Scott  Amenta

Scott Amenta

Founder at Sylva


Pourush  Kalra

Pourush Kalra

Business Operations Associate at BlackLine

San Francisco

David  Nebinski

David Nebinski

Community Manager at Sylva

New York

Eric  Mogil

Eric Mogil

Chief Growth Officer at Radar

New York

Aditya  Singh

Aditya Singh

Business Operations Associate at Plymouth


Stann  Jones

Stann Jones

Owner, Fractional CFO/CTO at Self-employed

New York

Marc  Mercier

Marc Mercier

Chief of Staff at Botpress

Quebec, Canada

Dan  Ross

Dan Ross

Head of Strategy & Operations at Benepass

New York

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