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Aleksandra Nowak

Head of Ops & Strategic Projects at User.com

Warsaw (Poland)



Hi BizOps Network Team, My name is Aleksandra and I recently got promoted to lead a newly created Ops team at User.com. Despite many challenges ahead, a few weeks into the new role I feel empowered and in the right career place like never before. After a few years of gaining professional experience in various fields, like project management, product marketing, market research as well as investor relations and financial analysis, I feel to have found a role where I could combine all those pieces and turn them into significant value for my organization. I have been looking for ways to connect with other BizOps professionals – both very experienced ones and starters – to learn, share experiences & lessons learned as well as brainstorm ideas. From the BizOps community I am looking to: - learn best practices of building processes for B2B SaaS across demand generation, sales and customer success, - learn how to set internal processes for an operations team, - share own experiences in relation to building an ops team from scratch, - share own expertise and knowledge from the following business areas: project management, product discovery / market research, B2B product marketing, managing a fundraising process, A to Z of organizing a professional online event, and more.

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