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I've been working in operations and product for the past 3 years at the AI research and product lab, Ought. At Ought, I ran our product team to build the LLM research tool, Elicit.org, from conception to 100k MAU. I managed our analytics, product infrastructure, user experience pipeline, and product spec pipeline, ran sprint planning, and organized offsites. I've organized operations for many events: I co-organized a 400-person retreat for the Interact Fellowship, organized a Wellbeing & AI hackathon sponsored by FiftyYears and supported by OpenAI and Anthropic, and have run workshops at conferences on forecasting, language models, and AI safety. Prior to Ought, I studied Business, focusing in Operations, at Wharton.

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Ross  Goldberg

Ross Goldberg

Strategy & BizOps Lead at January

New York

Isabel  Lee

Isabel Lee

Head of BizOps at Airtable

San Francisco

Lanell  Smith

Lanell Smith

Senior Associate, Special Projects (Ops Dept.) and Special Asst. to the CEO at Chiefs for Change

Memphis (Remote)

Marc  Mercier

Marc Mercier

Chief of Staff at Botpress

Quebec, Canada

Stann  Jones

Stann Jones

Owner, Fractional CFO/CTO at Self-employed

New York

Gus  Clarke

Gus Clarke

Strategy & Operations AUNZ at Spotify


Kymberly  Grove

Kymberly Grove

Business Manager, Office of the CEO at OpenInvest

San Francisco

Lindsay  Schweigler

Lindsay Schweigler

Head of Design Operations, Product & Design at Apple

San Francisco

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