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Charles Lian

COO at Klyxx Creative

Los Angeles, CA



Hey there! My name is Charles and I am the current COO of a boutique design agency called Klyxx. I initially started my career in investment banking, but was then brought on as the first dedicated Operations hire for the small, but growing company. Suffice to say, there was a lot that I had to learn on the fly. I'm hoping to share some of those first-hand experiences with other BizOps professionals and give them a lens into what it's like to have to transition, pivot, and scale in a super fast-paced and un-structured environment. At the same time, I hope to learn from more experienced, and senior professionals, on how to ultimately adapt those experiences at a broader scale, within larger teams and at larger companies. Being an Operator at a 10-person company is very different than being an Operator at a 50, 100, or even 200 person company. I want to be able to learn more about the formalized processes that others use, especially when it comes to key strategic decision making. Looking forward to joining the community! FUN FACT: Our team is fully remote, which encourages us to go out and travel to all different parts of the world. I've so far been to 5 continents and also recently visited the 2 largest salt flats in the world!

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