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I’ve been working in operations focused roles for the 20+years. I have a mix of agency, consulting, and in-house leadership experience primarily in design and technology spaces. I’ve built design and research operations teams from the ground up and been a chief of staff partner to several VPs of Design. Currently at Apple, I lead an Operations team of 20 ppl which includes business ops, people programs, and and tech/spaces enablement for an org of 600+ . I’m passionate about mentoring, coaching and exchanging learnings with other ops pros.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
People & Culture
Tech & Business Tools (Procurement)

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Jan 1, 2009

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Happy to share what I’ve learned, tried and failed at over the years / building teams, leading teams, establishing new business practices and ways of working


I hope to share learnings with other business ops professionals from outside my usual community of design and tech experts to learn with folks in other industries are doing - particularly in large organizations dealing with change at scale.

Other members

Matt  Vegliante

Matt Vegliante

Sr. Manager, Business Operations at Lucid Software

South Jordan, Utah

Aditya  Singh

Aditya Singh

Business Operations Associate at Plymouth


Ross  Goldberg

Ross Goldberg

Strategy & BizOps Lead at January

New York

Kymberly  Grove

Kymberly Grove

Business Manager, Office of the CEO at OpenInvest

San Francisco

Stephen  Levin

Stephen Levin

Head of Business Operations at Zapier

Charlottesville, VA

Tim  Schlegel

Tim Schlegel

Director at Omlie Consulting


Lanell  Smith

Lanell Smith

Senior Associate, Special Projects (Ops Dept.) and Special Asst. to the CEO at Chiefs for Change

Memphis (Remote)

Pourush  Kalra

Pourush Kalra

Business Operations Associate at BlackLine

San Francisco

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