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Hi! For the past few years I've been working in roles that relate to BizOps: - At KOKO Networks, I built a support team within the commercial side of their organization that was effectively a dedicated BizOps group. KOKO's commercial team was too needy for the size of the overall "BizOps" team, so the CCO tasked me with creating a "Commercial Ops" team. We provided the support needed to help the sales, marketing, and customer care teams rapidly pivot their focus and go-to-market strategies based on what we were seeing with historical performance and market data. Work included some basic FP&A, integrating and standardizing data from multiple systems and teams, creating the dashboards that drove daily decision making for each of our sales teams around Kenya, and running project management for geographic expansion into new cities. - At Access Afya, I'm managing the Commercial & Finance departments of the organization, and a major part of my job is acting as the BizOps lead for the organization. Much of my day-to-day work is creating the analytics to inform our CEO and our marketing team how effective our growth initiatives are, and then helping to integrate findings into future plans. It's tough that right now I only have one dedicated BizOps person on our team (not by title, but she is fully dedicated to creating analytics & related insights for our ops team while running our databases and visualization tools), but over time I'm hoping to expand BizOps into a larger part of the organization. I'm passionate about helping impactful organizations become financially sustainable. I like the idea of integrating impact into for-profit companies, since it de-risks external funding environments to the ongoing impact to the people the organization helps. In my career so far, the parts I've thrived in involved integrating better decision making and better project management into how companies operate (first in private equity on behalf of our portfolio companies, and more recently at the company-level). Because of this, I feel the place I can be most impactful on a personal-work level to impactful organizations is by working in / creating BizOps teams. I'm hopeful that through your network, I might find the next opportunity for me to use my skills to help another impactful organization be more effective at scaling its impact through better BizOps support.

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